Size Chart

Our sizes are very similar to the American Standard for our products. Sometimes our products may say a different size on the tag. For example, you ordered a medium but got a large size in the mail. The reason for this is because our products are made for Asian standards which have different sizes, but we just cut that extra step for you to convert everything. 
For men you should choose your normal size, for ladies, just choose 1 or 2 sizes smaller, but it's still best to measure your clothes to be sure. All of our products are UNISEX


SIZE Length Chest Sleeve
XS 24.5" 61cm 17.5" 90cm 20.5" 52cm
S 25" 63cm 19" 94cm 21.5" 54cm
M 26" 65cm 20" 98cm 22.5" 56cm
L 27.25" 68cm 21" 106cm 23.5" 59cm
XL 28.5" 71cm 22.5" 110cm 24" 62cm
2XL 30" 75cm 25.5" 118cm 26" 66cm
3XL 31" 77cm 27.25" 124cm 27" 68cm